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The Sandwip Island

Sandwip Island may not be everybody’s idea of a great holiday destination but the more adventurous might want to seek it out and discover its many hidden treasures. The island is located in southeastern Bangladesh and is quite different from other parts of the country.

Sandwip Island in Bangladesh has a great historical legacy. The island itself is about 3000 years old and it has been ruled by many different people over the centuries, including Delwar Khan. It was a Portuguese and Arakanese pirate stronghold during the 17th century and even today some of the architecture on the island reflects this part of the island’s history...

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Dulahazra Safari Park

Bangladesh is a diverse country that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Tourists flock to the country to experience its unique culture, meet its friendly locals and enjoy the magnificence of the country’s wildlife. Many reserves and conservation projects have been established in Bangladesh to protect its rare wildlife and bird populations, and one such breathtaking eco-tourism initiative is the Dulahazra Safari Park. Located approximately a hundred kilometers outside of the tourist hotspot of  Coxa Bazar, the Dulahazra Safari Park is perfectly located for visitors to enjoy day trips out to this wonderful conservation area.

Dulahazra Safari Park was developed on an undulating landscape of around 2,224 acres of area at Chakaria Upazila in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh, some 107 ...

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Chalan Beel

Chalan Beel is a series of wetlands connected by channels of water in the lower Altrai basin. During the rainy season, these wetlands become a single body of water with dense aquatic vegetation supporting diverse  wildlife. The banks of Chalan Beel are covered in a variety of fauna, which is inhabited by at least twenty-seven species of mammals, and thirty-four species of reptiles, with amphibians including seven species of frogs and toads. Reptiles include turtles, tortoises, lizards and a number of snake species.

Chalan Beel is an extensive lowland area in the lower Atrai basin, and spreads across singra and Gurudaspur thana on Natore, chatmohor  of pabna and ullahpara , Raiganag and Tarash upazilas of Shirajgong ...

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Dhakeshwari National Temple

The state-owned Dhakeshwari National Temple in Dhaka is considered to be the most important Hindu place of worship in Bangladesh. Situated just southwest of Dhaka University’s Salimullah Hall, Dhakeshwari stands behind a boundary wall with its entrance framed by an ornate gateway.

Inside the main temple premises are four small identical temples situated from east to west. Each temple is built on a high base with steps to the open entrances on each side of the temples, except the north-facing side. The dome-like roofs of each temple are constructed with six tiers topped with lotus and kalasa finials. Inside each temple there is a Shiva linga – a symbol for the worship of the Hindu god Shiva.

To the east of these four small temples is the main Dhakeshwari temple with its marble altar for...

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Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, filled with history, tradition and culture. It has never-ending numbers of activities, attractions, accommodation and business opportunities, and is often visited by international travelers. The architecture all through the city is a blend on both ancient styles and more modernized construction trends. While the city grows and develops, organization such as the Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery reach out to the underprivileged community members who are left behind in the aftermath of progress.

Buddhism has been thriving in Bangladesh from even before the twelfth century, and has survived the centuries to remain one of the religions of the country. The Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery was constructed in 1962, and has been serving the community ever since...

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