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Down the realm of rain forest

M Abdul Aziz

It was just afternoon we got down from the ‘Srimongal to Bhanugach’ local bus at the ‘Lewwa’ bus station. The helper was shouting, “Ei lewwa namen, lewwa”. Stephen was with his entire house on his back, the huge belongings seem to the same length and weight of him!

Lawachara National Park (LNP), the part of once West Bhanughach reserve Forests, recently declared as LNP receives the highest rainfall of the country during the rainy season since long. The same happened at that moment. The rain was looming for us and received with rainy and wetly welcome. It was the way of decorated ‘Rakton’ trees commenced from the bus station to rest house we walked for. We became soaked and much more to reach the rest house on the hilltop.

After having a wash, we decided to have a look around f...

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Birds of Baikka Beel

Inam Ahmed
Nine kilometer towards Moulvibazar from Sri Mongol and you find a gas station. A small, little-used metal road runs to the left. Our car followed that path and in two minutes the landscape began to change. It looked like a vast wasteland. As far as eyes could stretch, there were hardly any signs of human habitation. The look and colour of the earth made it clear — this land remains under water for most of the year. The whitish big chunks of fine silted earth. Only in winter the water recedes and the land surfaces. And then agriculture is practiced here, mostly rice. The variety is different. Not the HYV that cannot tolerate flood, but long-stemmed local varieties.

As the road wound into the hinterland, the place became even more desolate. Habitation became even sparser...

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Trekking to Kudung Guha

By Inam Ahmed
It was Dr Reza Khan, the zoologist, who once told us about a mysterious cave somewhere in Teknaf. He enchanted us with the description and photographs. A elongated gap in the hills through which you can see the green vegetation outside. The cave floor filled with water. The picture remained with us as we dreamt of stepping into that cave one day.

That one day came on a sun-baked afternoon. The Naf river was dappled with sunlight as our car rolled by. Half an hour later we lost touch with the river as the car swerved to a narrow lane. The car bumped dangerously on the pitted road and we swayed from side to side. We were now passing through a beautiful village. Against the distant blue hills, the green village looked like an emerald piece, glowing in the sun...

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The animal kingdom, Sundarbans

By Khasru Chowdhury
Animals are creatures of habit and have distinct daily and seasonal patterns of activities. An understanding of these patterns increases our chance of seeing them.
Globally, nature oriented television channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and many more sometimes mislead the viewers by showing a large assembly of animals and birds in the wild. In reality, large assemblies of wildlife are found only in African plains and in Arctic regions. In most of the cases, the aggressive animals are shot in small reserves, private ranches or by baiting. The forests of southeast Asia are dense with poor visibility. On the other hand, other than deer and monkeys, most of the mammals are shy and active at night...

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Long walk to Keokradang

Sajal Sarker
The most charming adventure tour in Bangladesh is to explore Keokradang, the highest peak of the country. Our team consisted of only two persons — Rahul and I. So the tour was more of an adventure for us. Many suggested us not to go on this venture, but defied them one by one.
We started our journey to Ruma ghat (terminal) from Bandarban on a ‘Chander Gari,’ a jalopy made of an age-old jeep. We were on the roof of the Chander Gari. What an exciting scene around us! The clouds were flying beneath us. It seemed that we are flying over the clouds like a free bird. Sometimes the clouds were so close that we felt that we could reach out and touch them.

Ruma Ghat is only 54km from the town, but the journey took about three and a half hours...

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