Shopnopuri- Dinajpur, a beautiful artificial park

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Shopnopuri is one of the most beautiful artificial picnic spot in Bangladesh specially in North Bengle. You can go there either from Hili or from Dinajpur. There you can enjoy here by watching artificial beauty.One can spend night also In Shoponopuri rest house but for that he.she will have to book in advance. Here lots of picnic parties come every day.

Aftabganj, Dinajpur
Phone- 0531-63711, 01712134095

27 Reviews of Shopnopuri- Dinajpur, a beautiful artificial park

  1. SHAHIN ALOM said:

    this park is very nice park.I like this park but i dont go there next time i will go there.

  2. Shahinur Rhaman Shahin said:

    Well came.

  3. janibenraaz said:

    i love shopnopuri.

  4. Asadujjaman Raju said:

    Ya: Realy Sopnopure is a very fantastic Visiting place.I have visited this place 5 times…………………

  5. Nur Alam said:

    Shopnopuri is enjoyable creative . Many people visit there. Actually I shall visit that place. (Nur Alam govt. Rajendra College, Faridpur. 01748740388)

  6. raseduzzaman said:

    shopnopuri is a nice park

  7. rashed-gosinga-sreepur said:

    wonderful park shopnopori so Ilike it very much.again I will visit it.let’s friends go there

  8. Md. S.I Shemul said:

    I should contact to you. Please said how to contact to you.

  9. Alamgir said:

    I heard this is a beautiful park. i would like to go there but very sad i am still in singapore, insallah one day i will go there. ameen

  10. helpless mahadi said:

    shopnopuri is a nice place. Call me 4 about her.01725343357


    All this thinks are so beautiful that I like more&more.

  12. Rabeya Khatun said:

    .Shopnopuri,First all of friends went to shopnopuri.That day gave much pleasure to us.I got some photograph of that i see thats photograph.It shakes my heart and soul.Really i miss this day.i expect that again i will go that wonderful

  13. Feroz Shah Rana said:

    As the heart of north Bengal Dinajpur has a large archaeological resources place around her boundary. She has Kantojew Temple, RamSagar, MataSagar, Goddess Bhairabi Temple, Goddess Kali Temple, Rajbari and so on. There have many Hotels in the city to stay in cozy. so visit dinajpur to see the culture of north Bengal.

  14. Manik Sinha said:

    This place is really fantastic. I enjoy there many times as because my Grandfather Home is there & My home district Sadar, Dinajpur.

  15. Md. Al-Amin said:

    Very Beautiful Shopnopuri Park.

  16. Jahidur Rahman said:

    I hv plan to visit this place with my family. Can anybody help me to
    know how to go there, and what are the facilities there? Tkanks. Jahid. 01819456802

  17. Harunur Rashid Sagor said:

    wonderful park so like it.

  18. Md.Nasir uddin said:

    Shopnopori is a very attractive place of Bangladesh.

  19. Md.Nasir uddin,Sholakura,Ghatail,Tangail. said:

    I like it’s very much

  20. Md.Nasir uddin,Sholakura,Ghatail,Tangail. said:

    I like it’s very much.

  21. Dinajpur IT said:

    Dinajpur IT Is A Freelancing Training Institute. It Stay In Balubai ( Gausisa Garaze Road), Sadar, Dinajpur.

  22. arman badsha said:

    amader shopnopuri onek sundor amar bari dinajpur phulbari apnara shobai likes dean jatea amader shopnopuri jeno aro beshi sundor hoi abong onek boro porjoton kendro heshabea toiri hoi

  23. prince said:

    i think it is a nice spot

  24. arman badsha said:


  25. ALAMGIR AKAS said:

    Dinajpur is my home district.

  26. SHAMIM AZAD said:

    Dinajpur is my own distic. so I know what is beautiful place it. you are all wellcome to visit our distic. shopnopuri is a nice and wonderfull place.

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