Others Important Note

Airport embarkation fee is Taka 300 per person for one journey abroad. Children under 2 years and passengers in transit for the same day departure by the first aircraft are exempted. For domestic flights the airport tax is Tk.25.00.

Travel Tax
Bangladesh nationals traveling abroad are required to pay travel tax as under: – For SAARC member countries: Tk. 800.00, Middle East & Gulf countries Tk.1800.00 and rest of the world Tk.2,500.00. Tax on air ticket for domestic journey is Tk. 75.00 only.

A tourist may bring any amount of foreign exchange in the from of Traveler’s Cheque, foreign currency notes or other foreign currency instruments provided he/she makes a written declaration at the time of entry in the Currency Declaration Form (Form FMJ) obtainable from the customs at the port of entry. However no declaration is required for bringing in of foreign exchange up to 5000 US Dollars by foreign tourists. While leaving Bangladesh tourists can take out the unspent balance of the foreign currency brought in.


  • Import goods, other than personal and household items are taxable.
  • Books & Magazines, which are used for education purpose, are exempted from tax.
  • Imported items that are used for commercial purpose are taxable.
  • Bangladesh citizen are not allowed to import Alcohol /Alcoholic beverages.